We’re screaming of delight! Ida Frosk created this wonderful Edvard Munch-inspired toast for our Now You’re Cooking live stream. It will be prepared live on the 22nd of April at 14.30 CET on

Now you’re cooking is a three-day international live stream event by Electrolux to celebrate their new Expressionist Collection. The event is completely dedicated to food, with lots of inspiring recipes, ideas and competitions. Don’t miss it on the 22nd-24th of April!


Several years ago, George Mason University graduate student Jason Force had a modern idea for the technology: Because grass pellets are just as good as wood chips for this kind of system, why not create a lawn mower with it? It could power itself with the grass it harvested. It could also be self-guiding, like a Roomba, so users would not longer have to mow their own lawn.

He got to work on the self-guiding aspect five years ago. The idea grew into a startup called EcoMow Technologies. Its team began working on the chemical engineering last year.

(via Within a few years, a self-powered robot could be mowing your lawn — Tech News and Analysis)